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XL Power Distribution Box



This product adopts a new type of power distribution box designed and manufactured by international IEC standards and national standards. This product uses imported electrical products or domestically produced relatively advanced electrical components.

The power distribution box is suitable for power or lighting power distribution in the whole industry and mining industry, commerce, service industry, and civil building Hz, voltage below 600V, three-phase three-wire, three-wire four-wire power distribution series.

Applicable Conditions

1. Ambient temperature: The ambient air temperature does not exceed +40 degrees Celsius, the minimum is not less than -10 degrees Celsius, and the average is not higher than +35 degrees Celsius within 24 hours.

2. Atmospheric conditions: the relative temperature does not exceed 50% when the maximum temperature is in degrees Celsius, and a higher relative temperature is allowed when the temperature is lower.

3. There is no conductive dust or places that may corrode metals and destroy insulating gas.

4. There is no violent vibration, bumps and vertical installation, and the installation inclination should not exceed 5 degrees.

5. The altitude does not exceed 2000 meters.


Product Structure

This power distribution box (cabinet) is closed, the shell is generally welded by steel plate, or it can be assembled with profiles. The left and right side walls of the box are welded with electrical installation columns, and the knife switch operating mobile phone is installed in the right box in front of the box. The door is used for switching power supply, and the box door can be equipped with voltmeter, ammeter, indicator, lamp and operation button, and the equipment in the box can be checked and repaired by opening the door.

The equipment in the box is installed in a strip-frame structure, which is flexible and compact for installation and convenient for maintenance.

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