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KYN 28A-12 Indoor AC Metal Armored Center-Mounted Switchgear



KYN 28A-12 indoor AC metal armored center-mounted switchgear (hereinafter referred to as "switching device") is suitable for rated voltage 3.6-12KV, three-phase AC 50Hz power system, used to receive and distribute electrical energy and control the circuit , Protection and monitoring.

This product meets the standards: GB3906 "3-35kV AC Metal-enclosed Switchgear", GB/T11022 "General Technical Requirements for High Voltage Switchgear", DLT404 "Indoor High Voltage Switchgear Ordering Technical Conditions", IEC60298 "Rated Voltage 1kV Above 50kV and Below AC metal-enclosed switchgear and control equipment.

Structural Features

1. Metal armored and completely separated, the protection characteristics are the best in enclosed switchgear.

2. The cabinet body is made of imported aluminum-zinc steel plate, processed by CNC machine tools, and adopts advanced multi-folding technology. It is connected with rivet nuts and high-strength bolts. It has high precision, corrosion resistance, light weight, and high strength. Features such as strong versatility of parts.

3. The cabinet can be equipped with domestic VSI series or imported VD4 series maintenance-free vacuum circuit breakers, which have wide applicability and high reliability.

4. The handcart adopts a center-mounted structure, and there is enough space in the cable room to install up to nine single-core cables.

5. The reliable "five prevention" interlock and the pressure relief channel of the high pressure chamber can ensure the personal safety of the operator.

6. The interchangeability of the same type of handcarts is good, and the replacement and maintenance are very convenient.

7. Maintenance can be divided into two ways: front-cabinet maintenance and double-sided maintenance. Front-cabinet maintenance is reliable wall installation, which reduces floor space and saves customer investment.

8. It can be equipped with advanced digital microcomputer protection device. It can realize the comprehensive automatic protection of the power system.

Ordering Instructions

When ordering KYN28A-12 switchgear, the user should provide the following technical information:

1. Main circuit plan number. Purpose and single-line system diagram, rated voltage, rated current, rated short-circuit breaking current, distribution room layout diagram and switchgear arrangement diagram, etc.

2. Requirements for switchgear control, testing and protection functions, as well as requirements for other locking and automatic devices.

3. The model, specification and quantity of electrical components in the switchgear.

If the busbar bridge connection is required between switchgear or the incoming cabinet, specific data such as the rated current carrying capacity of the busbar bridge, the span of the busbar bridge, and the height from the ground should be provided.

4. When the switchgear is used under special environmental conditions, it should be specified in detail when ordering.

5. Other special requirements.

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