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GFM / GGFM Shared Box Enclosed Bus



GFM/GGFM shared box enclosed bus, which has high safety reliability and good short-circuit resistance in the process of power transmission. The products have passed the test and certification of high-voltage electrical equipment research institute and other national authorities, and are widely used in thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants, nuclear power plants and various transmission and transformation circuits.

Scope of application

It is suitable for current transmission between generator lead wires and main transformers of thermal power, hydropower plants, and nuclear power plants or between auxiliary transformers, starting transformers and high-voltage power distribution devices; also used for generator AC and DC excitation circuits, substations and distribution stations (Station) or other industrial and civil facilities for electric current transmission.

Structural features

√Safe metal shell protection

The busbar shell is drawn from aluminum alloy profiles, and its strength is twice that of the aluminum alloy plate. The busbar conductors and insulators are encapsulated in a grounded metal shell. Foreign objects can not touch the conductor, and can prevent the pollution of the insulator and bus bar from rain, snow, moisture and dust, and protect the safe and reliable operation of the current-cutting conductor. The protection level is up to IP54 or higher.

√Shell grounding protection

The integral aluminum metal shell is electrically connected and grounded at multiple points in the entire loop, so that the whole shell is basically in a state of equipotential with the ground. Eliminate the risk of electric shock.

√Safe insulation protection

The GFM/GGFM common box bus is generally insulated by air, and heat-shrinkable insulation tubes can also be added to the busbars according to the requirements. Install heaters, hot air maintenance and respirators in the box to eliminate condensation and strengthen bus insulation.

√Intelligent online monitoring technology

By measuring temperature, humidity and other devices, online display of the temperature, humidity and other data of the bus conductor, housing, and internal environment of the bus, intelligently control the corresponding protection equipment, prevent condensation inside the insulator and the bus, and effectively improve the safety indicators of the entire bus system.

√Complete variety

The cross-sectional shape of the conductor can take many forms (rows, tubes, grooves, copper-aluminum composite), and the variety is complete. The current can reach 8000A and the voltage can reach 35KV.

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